January 23rd, 2011

Itsa me! Mario!  I am an 8 week Chihuahua mix ready to come into your home, go down your pipes and crimefight against villainous turtles and mushrooms to save the beautiful Princess Peach!  hahahah, just kidding!!  As a young boy, I probably play too many video games although I do wish I had special powers, wouldn’t that be so cool?  Instead of shooting fireballs and flying with my magic cape, I would prefer to be able to eat through cheese balls and snuggle thousands of laps in a single bound!  Oh wait…I am pretty sure I can already do those things!  I am a super playful and happy pup waiting for the perfect home that will help me become the best dog I could ever be!  Do you think you could provide that home for me?  If so, fill out an application at pixieproject.org and send it in so we can schedule a meet and greet!  I will be fixed, vaccinated and microchipped as part of my adoption.  My adoption fee is $300 and I am currently living in foster care.

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    510 N.E. MLK Blvd.
    Portland, OR 97232

    Retail: (503) 542-3432
    Adoption: (503) 542-3433
    Fax: (503) 542-3437

    Tuesday-Friday 11:00 - 6:00
    Saturday 11:00 to 4:00