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The Pixie Project is a non-profit animal adoption center and rescue located in the heart of Portland, Oregon.

At Pixie, we make animal adoption and rescue a fun, family friendly, and positive experience. Our dedicated staff focuses on finding life-long matches between pet and adopter and takes a hands-on, personal approach to each and every adoption.

Pixie is committed to keeping pets healthy, happy, and in their homes for life. Our on-site clinic offers low-income and homeless pet owners access to vital veterinary care and low-cost spay/neuter surgeries, keeping pets out of shelters and saving lives.

Our philosophy at Pixie is simple and unique: find the perfect pet for each person or family. At Pixie we’re not about getting animals out the door, we’re about getting pets into lifetime homes. Sometimes the “right” pet is waiting for you, and other times you may have to search for a while before your canine or feline soul-mate arrives. We promise, it will be worth the wait!

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May 28th, 2016

Raja_ Maurice_2

Purrrrrrrr. Hello there, I’m Raja Maurice. I’m a sophisticated 8 year old gentleman in a tuxedo. I’m happy to receive scratches between my ears and will gladly reward you with mews, purrs and cooing. I adore attention and would love to cuddle you on the couch while you scatch my chin. I am FIV+ and will need to be the only cat in the house unless your other cat(s) are also FIV+.  It also means I will need to be an indoor only kitty. For more info on FIV check out

I come to you fixed, microchipped and vaccinated with an adoption fee of $100. So fill out an application and come visit me at the Pixie Project so I can fill your world with purrrrrrs.

May 28th, 2016


Hello all, I’m Owen the beautiful. My friends at Pixie Project think I’m the prettiest cat they’ve ever had. I have a luxurious, soft coat of fluff that I’ll allow you to pet all day long. I’m a 3 year old domestic medium hair cat.  I am FIV+ and will need to be the only cat in the house unless your other cat(s) are also FIV+.  It also means I will need to be an indoor only kitty. For more info on FIV check out

I am fixed, microchipped and vaccinated with an adoption fee of $100. Fill out an application and come visit me at the Pixie Project.

May 28th, 2016

Evernote Camera Roll 20160528 113748


I’m going by the name Wednesday, Wendy if you prefer. I was dropped off at the vet’s office for surgery (spaying) and picked up by another person, completely unaware of the arrangements that had been made for me.
Originally I lived on a farm in less then ideal conditions, but today I have been attending boarding school, and I am doing really well!
I will admit I can be a sassy country girl, but I mean well. I have picked up some new sports, playing tennis ball fetch and jogging. I’m excelling at my recall work (coming when called) and my self-control at door ways or around food. I’m not always super hyper though, I love my quiet time too. I’m an active movie watcher; I like Lady and the Tramp and Homeward Bound.
I’m majoring in dog language, and I wouldn’t mind a friendly and gentle dog to show me the rules in my new home.
My nickname is Monkey. You will see why when you meet me but I will say I’m very good at social learning (monkey see monkey do). So if there is a dog already living in the family, it’s best if they are the calm quiet type because I would be happy to join in any shenanigans. I have been known to get myself into trouble when I have a friend to do it with me.
I LOVE children and long walks on the beach. No, I really do love dog savvy and gentle children. I’m also a fan of their food too. Just as a note I should never be left unattended with young children especially due to my small size. (13lb).
My biggest fear, and the one I’m in counseling for, is adult humans. It does not matter their size, sex, race, or what they are wearing. I just don’t like strangers. In my old home I could never be sure if the people who came around were friend or foe, and today I’m still haunted by my not-so-distant past. Some days are better than others and my counselor says I’m improving.
The last thought I would like to tell my future family is please don’t pull me from school… I’m finally getting the education I deserve and if I have to move to a new school or be home schooled that’s okay, I just want to keep learning. I think I’m finally understanding my purpose in life, maybe I could be a doctor one day… a dog can dream.
My current teacher/counselor is willing to offer free introduction trainings and continued two months of training online or in person if you live close enough. She believes in me and I hope that you will too.
I look forward to meeting you, even though I will probably test (shy away and bark at) you before I allow you into my life. It’s my way of finding out your true intentions. I have a very tight circle of friends that I hold very close, and I never forget a friendly face. I’m a bit of a romantic that way and I fall hard in love. I would like to fall in love just one more time, with my permanent family, and not worry about heartbreaks any more.
Once I’m settled I promise to be a really good dog. I don’t potty in the house, I sit, down, shake, roll over, and spin on command. I walk nicely on a leash and come when called. Things are looking up. This is the last step in my journey to a new life.
Female/Spayed/13lb/3 years in June/Up to date on vaccines.

 If interested please email Kelsie at

May 27th, 2016


Hi there! I’m sweet Miss Daisy Mae and I am a cute as a button 1 year old cattle/terrier mix here to bring a little joy in your life. I am full of energy and life, and really would love some space or a large yard to run! I’m very active and always on the go, so of course I love walks in the great outdoors! Since I am a bit bouncy, I need to be in a home with no cats and with older kids (12+).  I really enjoy playing with my Pixie dog pals and am a rockstar in playgroups! I am still learning all about the world and am a bit socially unpolished. I need someone who can help me with some basic training, so I can be a proper well-mannered lady I know I can be. With a spring in my step, I am on my way to sniff out the next adventure. Will you be joining me? Fill out an application today, so we can find out!

May 27th, 2016


Hi there! My name is Bevvy and I am an energetic 2 year old Lab mix with a big heart! When I am not demanding lots of attention and love, I enjoy running around the play area while playing a nice round of fetch. Boy, do I just love to play and go for nice long walks! They are my  two favorite activities. Since I am very bouncy with lots of wiggles, I need to be in a home without kids or cats. And even though I enjoy the company of some doggy pals at Pixie, I would just LOVE to have you to myself. I have even been known to wrap my paw around your leg to give you a hug! I’m just a fun girl looking for an active home that will help me shed some of this energy. Lots of space and yard would be even better! If I sound like your perfect adventure pal, then fill out an application today so we can meet! I come to you spayed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $250.

May 27th, 2016

Lonny-TX-pic-3 Lonny-TX-pic-2

Hi everyone! My name is Lonny and I am a spunky young 10 lb Chihuahua terrier mix. If it isn’t obvious enough by the pictures, I am an adorable guy who is looking for someone to give me LOTS of belly rubs! I am very outgoing and friendly dude who enjoys meeting everyone, including kids, cats, and other dogs. Other pups are my favorite though, as I am a rockstar in doggy playgroups here at Pixie! I just always know how to have a good time! If you are looking for an enthusiastic player/snuggler who is smart and fun loving, then look no further! Fill out an application today, so we can meet. I come to neutered, vaccinated, and  micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $250.

May 27th, 2016




Drop a beat :My name is Abel and it’s no fable that when you meet me, your heart becomes unstable. I’m just so cute, I’m just so adorable that a life without me would be so horrible. The city is scary and so brand new, I need a quiet low key place with you. I’m a sensitive guy, but if you comply with having some patience and time, I will warm up to be as sweet as pie.  Cats are ok. Kids over 10 are ok too, but dogs are my favorite part of my crew. The best thing I really do need is a confident female dog to take the lead. I love playing with dogs so much it helps to show, my true personality really glow! So if your caring and understanding and have another female dog that is outstanding, I have only one thing left that I am demanding: Fill out an application so we can meet! I come to you neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $250.

May 27th, 2016

Shelby-TX-1 Shelby-TX-2

MUAH! Oh, you didn’t want a kiss?! Well I have plenty to give to you! My name is Shelby and I am 2 year old  Pointer mix who is just ready to bond with that special someone. I adore attention and lots of love & snuggles! I am a big player, whether it be playing fetch solo or hanging with my doggy pals. Most of all I just love being around people and enjoy everyone I meet, including other dogs, cats and kids over the age of 10.  I’m a super sweet as pie gal looking for a face to smother in kisses! Is it yours? Fill out an application today, so we can meet! I come to you spayed, vaccinated, and micro-chipped with an adoption fee of $250.

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